Access Numbers

Calls using the local access number are charged at the rates quoted. For your convenience, we also have a toll free local access number available at an additional fee. We encourage all customers with nationwide plans on their cell phone or home phones to use the local access number.

Local Access Numbers
USA, Washington, DC1-202-591-3046
USA, Washington, DC1-202-591-3047
USA, Washington Zone 3, MD1-240-485-5747
USA, Gaithersburg, MD1-301-956-2323
USA, Gaithersburg, MD1-301-956-2337
USA, SNJS WEST, CA1-408-216-8921
USA, Dulles, VA1-703-651-1586
USA, Washington Zone 10, MD1-240-499-7733
USA, Washington Zone 17, VA1-571-405-3466
USA, Washington Zone 17, VA1-571-405-3465
USA, HARISBGZN1, PA1-717-943-1948
USA, Dallas Fort Worth Airport, TX1-214-702-5557
USA, New York City Zone 03, NY1-718-508-4954
Canada, Vancouver, British Columbia1-778-785-0725
USA, Summerfield, NC1-336-485-1047
USA, Seattle, WA1-206-204-5546
USA, Gainesville, GA1-678-207-3463
USA, Chicago Zone 04-Humboldt, IL1-773-969-4729
USA, BLACKSBURG, VA1-540-808-1604
USA, Dulles, VA1-703-651-1585
USA, Las Vegas, NV1-702-933-1690
USA, Baltimore, MD1-443-320-5386
Toll Free access   (North America)
International Toll Free Access
Country User Dial Language
Australia Dial 001180073522600 English
Australia (1) Dial 1800640939 English
Australia (2) Dial 1800641009 English
Australia (3) Dial 1800148310 English
Austria Dial 0800292556 English
Belgium Dial 080077364 English
Brazil Dial 08008911719 Multiple Languages
Brazil (2) Dial 08008912123 Multiple Languages
Chile Dial 12300203239 English
China Dial 108001201282 English
Colombia Dial 018005180226 English
Denmark Dial 80884692 English
Dominican Republic Dial 18887512289 English
Finland Dial 0800111098 English
France Dial 0800916221 Multiple Languages
Germany Dial 08000003237 English
Greece Dial 00800126767 English
Guam Dial 8667737388 English
Hong Kong Dial 800903560 English
Hungary Dial 0680017476 English
Ireland Dial 1800663154 English
Israel Dial 1809214659 English
Italy Dial 800780805 English
Japan Dial 00442232348 English
Japan (2) Dial 00442232349 English
Lativa Dial 8000824 English
Malaysia Dial 1800804992 English
Mexico Dial 0018662707076 English
Netherlands Dial 08000225473 English
Netherlands Antilles Dial 0018666224142 English
New Zealand Dial 0800666541 English
New Zealand (2) Dial 0800444948 English
New Zealand (2) Dial 0800444948 English
Norway Dial 80015471 English
Philippines Dial 180011140241 English
Poland Dial 008001211705 English
Portugal Dial 800860015 Multiple Languages
Puerto Rico Dial 8667737376 English
Russia Dial 81080026353011 English
Singapore Dial 8001204235 English
South Africa Dial 0800992262 English
South Korea Dial 00798148006589 English
Spain Dial 900971418 Spanish
Sweden Dial 020794122 English
Switzerland Dial 0800561205 English
Taiwan Dial 00801137645 Multiple Languages
Thailand Dial 001800120665407 English
United Kingdom Dial 08000284963 English
Uruguay Dial 0004135983106 English
USVI Dial 8667737367 English

* Additional charges will be applied on all toll free access numbers.
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